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We have what you need to start a business
and create your JOB !

You need a job and you need to earn money NOW. You can't wait to find a job any longer. Wait no more! We help you create your dream job step-by-step, with an easy, realistic and down-to-earth proven method. Start by downloading the FREE e-book: 10 Steps to Creating Your Dream Job by Starting a Business. Everything is explained clearly in the book! Then, follow the road map. If kids can do it, YOU can too!

WhizVentures Business and Market Place

Welcome to the Whiz Ventures Business and Market Place!

We Help You Create Your DREAM Job, and more!

You can start your own business and create your own job with very little money: it is only a matter of planning and getting organized. A small business can take many forms: whether it is self-employment or a larger business doesn't matter. Business principles are the same. Some businesses require little or no money to start, while others require a sizable investment. But it is up to YOU on how you do it. And there is a foolproof way to figure out how much money it will cost and how much money you will make without spending a cent! Find out how in the free e-book.

Small businesses represent over 90% of ALL businesses, provide for 2/3 of ALL jobs in the U.S.
and have created over 70% of all jobs in the last decade.
This is pretty amazing and clearly shows the potential that small businesses have.

You can control your employment situation. Never allow anyone to deprive you from a job ever again!

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